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A New Horizon

A New Horizon

A Musical Horizon of Serenity and Beauty


01 Carmen (the victory of life).
My daughter Carmen revolutionized my life and the life of those around me, even some months before her birth. She was determined to come to life even in difficult circumstances. And happily she succeeded.
02 Coming to life.
Some say that since the moment of conception, the soul begins a descent to earth in order to gain its human shape.
03 Colors of the countryside.
The country in spring is a huge canvas full of color and life.
04 Planet Earth.
Our planet is just a grain of sand on the beach of the universe, but it is unique. Let's take care of our gift.
05 The start of a new day.
The first sunrays appear on the horizon, giving the necessary energy for life to begin. This piece is a version of a violin and guitar duet that I composed in 1997.
06 Inner light.
Look inside yourself and never lose sight of your soul's light, this is the only place where you will find the answers.
07 Solar.
Sun and its attraction keep life in our solar system.
08 Storm at dusk.
Dark clouds do not allow us to see sunlight and our skin gets wet.
09 Cosmos.
The immensity of the cosmos can not be described with words. Thanks to Carl Sagan for trying to explain it to us in his documentary.
10 Moon.
When I realized, moonlight had entered through my room window... This piece is one of my firsts compositions.
11 Birth.
A birth moves all that is established, and can even lead to the re-birth of those surrounding it.
12 Spring has arrived.
The cold has gone, trees blossom and life explodes once again.
13 Next to you.
Orchestral arrangement of a guitar piece. Dedicated to Rocío. Thanks for walking next to me.
14 Further than the milky way.
A longing for a distant blue planet while we are moving further away from the Milky Way.

BONUS TRACKS (Only in Special Edition)

It was originally a duet composed for violin and guitar. It has passed through different versions until it has been finally recorded. It is about these moments where you think you have reached your dreams and when you try to touch them with your hand, they dissappear like a bubble exploding.
Composed in 2010 and recorded in 2011, this piece was born as a lullaby dedicated to my daughter Carmen. I could not have started the path toward this new horizon without her, so I decided that she had to start and also close this disc.

About "A New Horizon"...

The Chinese ideogram for "CRISIS" contains two ideograms and one of them means "OPPORTUNITY". My second disc has been born out of personal experiences during this time of crisis, and it has given me the opportunity to find A NEW HORIZON. I want to offer you these melodic instrumental pieces that I have composed with the intention of finding Beauty and Peace.

I have wanted to create this disc in its entirety in order to 'give birth' to it. I have composed, arranged, recorded and mixed all the music contained in this CD between April and October, 2009.

A New Horizon Special Edition contains two new bonus tracks, completely new artwork (digipack special package) by plastic artist and designer JUAN CARLOS DOSDADOS, and was recorded with the help of three new guest musicians. It was released in November 2011 to be internationally presented in January 2012.

Design is based in three pictures that I shooted:
* The "eagle" picture was taken at a height of 1783 meters, from the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, in Salamanca, Spain, in May 2009.
* The "clouds" picture was taken while I was flying over the Chinese province of YunNan, the name literally means "South of the Colorful Clouds", in June 2008.
* The "green field" picture used in Special Edition was taken in Cabanillas Del Campo, Guadalajara (60Km away from Madrid) in spring.


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A New Horizon Musician
JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN plays Spanish classical guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 strings acoustic guitar, electroacustic guitar, electric guitars, electric bass guitar, piano, synthesizers and percussion instruments (shakers, chimes, rain stick).
A New Horizon Musician
SANTIAGO PUENTE plays Clarinet in track 13.
He has been playing soprano and bass clarinets for a long time. A versatile Spanish musician, who has performed in: Chamber music ensembles; Classical orchestras; popular, Folk and Latin groups and theatre productions amongst others. In recent years his career has developed internationally, composing for theatre productions in the UK and performing all over the world.
At present, he works with "Elfo" Theatre Company, is music teacher at the "ESCUELA DE MUSICA CREATIVA" of Guadalajara and is part of the group "BANDA INAUDITA".
A New Horizon Musician
NURIA FELIX plays violin in tracks 03, 05, 08, 12 and 16.
She was born in Madrid (Spain). She studied music at the REAL CONSERVATORIO DE MUSICA SUPERIOR of Madrid where she qualified as a senior violin teacher under the professor Victor Martín. She continued to study both the violin and chamber music, participating in several international courses and master classes with teachers including Manuel Guillén, José Luis García Asensio, Nicolás Chumachenco, Vartan Manogian, Luis Rego and Alexandra Frantseva.
She has been a member of the Madrid Student's Symphony Orchestra for two years, with which she performs as a soloist at the National Auditorium of Music, Madrid. She was also first violin of the Young Quartet of Madrid. She has been a founder member of the Chamartín Symphony Orchestra and member of many orchestras like the "CAMARA XXI", "Coca-Cola foundation", "ANDRES SEGOVIA",  the Madrid Philarmonic and the Spanish National Orchestra. She was also invited to play with the Saint Louis Obispo Symphony Orchestra at the group's debut at Carnegie Hall in New York in April 2001. She has been a member of the KMARA quartet and MAESTRANZA CLASICA for 2 years, with which she recorded a Music Night Special for Canal +. She has been a violin teacher at the Villacañas Municipal Music School (Toledo), at the "Federico Chueca" Municipal School of Music in Madrid, in the CEDAM School of Music and is currenly teaching at the CONSERVATORIO PROVINCIAL DE MUSICA of Guadalajara, where she has worked for the last 10 years.
She has collaborated with groups like MILLADOIRO and CUER-YAZZ and soloist such as Ara Malikian. She has been a regular collaborator in the television and cinema worlds, recording several sound tracks conducted by José Nieto.
Since 2007 she has been a member of the "SHIR NAIA" acoustic trio group and she is director of the ALDEBARAN summer music course in the city of Sigüenza.
A New Horizon Musician
COVADONGA SERRANO plays the piano in tracks 08 and 13.
She completed her piano studies with Santiago Mayor, Rafael Marzo and Jeannine Bonjean at the CONSERVATORIO PROVINCIAL DE MUSICA of Guadalajara (Spain) and at the CONSERVATORIO SUPERIOR of San Lorenzo Del Escorial (Madrid). In 1997 she obtained a scholarship to pursue her musical studies. She complemented her studies with jazz piano lessons, Harmony and Modern Combo with A. Phillips and I. Serrano. She attended to different courses such as piano interpretation, "Harmony, Improvisation and Composition", "Musical Arrangements, Instrumentation and Analysis", "Piano Teaching", "Music Teaching", singing, "Brazilian percussion", "Flamenco percussion", "Psychopedagogy" and "New Technologies".
She has been teaching piano, "Music and Movement" and Harmony for many years in different music schools in Guadalajara and Madrid.
She has been teaching at the Municipal School of Algete (Madrid) and at the ESCUELA DE MUSICA CREATIVA of Madrid working as "Music and Movement" coordinator in all Municipal schools managed by the E.M.C. (2001/2002).
She was one of the founders of the ESCUELA DE MUSICA CREATIVA of Guadalajara in 2005. She has been working as a pianist (Classical, Jazz, Cinema, Bolero, Tango,..), in Chamber Music groups, as piano accompanist, and musical shows (”Los Guardianes del Grial”, “HMS Pinafore”). She has played with folk bands as "Bonaval" and has made other musical collaborations in proyects i.e. music for commercials.
She has played in many auditoriums in Guadalajara, Pontevedra, Ciudad Real, Brive la Gallarde (France), Madrid, Tres Cantos, Guadarrama and Alcala de Henares.
At present, she is member of the duets "Sachar" with singer Eva Ngema (both light and cult music with modern singing) and "Rayuela" with clarinet player Laura Villa (from classical music to modern music including their own compositions).
A New Horizon Musician
MARIA GLORIA ESTEBAN plays the flute in tracks 06 and 13.
She was born in Guadalajara (Spain). She started her musical studies in the Provincial Band of Guadalajara when she was 6 years old.
Two years later she began to study in the CONSERVATORIO PROVINCIAL DE MUSICA of Guadalajara. She has studied with Benoit Fromanger and Ricardo Gianni.
She is completing the Intermediate Level in the CONSERVATORIO PROVINCIAL DE MUSICA of Guadalajara where she has studied with María José Muñoz, Javier Sánchez and José Sotorres, who is her teacher now. She has played in different bands in Guadalajara province.
At present she is the soloist flute player of the Provincial Band of Guadalajara.
A New Horizon Musician
NACHO SERRANO plays the 12 strings acoustic guitar in track 14 and the electric bass guitar in tracks 09 and 14.
He was born in Guadalajara (Spain) in 1973. In 1992 he started studying the guitar, harmony, composition and arrangement at the Madrid Creative School, obtaining the Higher Professional Diploma. He has studied amongst others with the following: E.Gancedo, M.A.Blanco, C.Gabis, N.García, J.Salvador and J.Chacón.
Since 1997 he has been a very active teacher at the ESCUELA DE MUSICA CREATIVA of Madrid. Composer and performer of soundtracks (Cinema, television, theatre, Radio), he has worked with different production companies.
He has toured and given concerts in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and in the United States of America. He has been a producer, arranger and instrumentalist on numerous recordings in different styles:Jazz, Ethnic, New Music, Progressive Rock, Blues, Folk, BossaNova, Funky, Flamenco, etc.
He has also worked as instrumentalist and musical director for different dance companies, specialising in European and Mediterranean Dance.
He was one of the founders of the ESCUELA DE MUSICA CREATIVA in Guadalajara (2005) where he has been director and head of studies and has taught guitar and electric bass, harmony, composition, arrangement, combo and intermediate and higher courses.
At present he is member of the folk music trio “SHIR NAIA”.
A New Horizon Musician
CARLOS CALVO plays Flute in track 15.
Flute player, composer and arranger. He has been teaching the flute in several music high schools in Madrid, Móstoles and Montijo. As a member of the "Orquesta de flautas de Madrid" has performed solo pieces (Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, Fauré,.) and has participated in Spanish composers contemporary music premiers. He has played in the "Banda Sinfónica Municipal" of Madrid, in the "Juan de la Encina" Choir, and in several Chamber music groups. In the flute project "El mundo de través" he has performed through Spain, including contemporary music festivals such as "COMA'09" in Madrid.
He has participated in recordings for theatre productions and television programs with Amancio Prada, "Emboscados" oratory, Lydia Grey's "In My Eyes" CD. At present he is the composer and flute player of the band "Losvo".

A New Horizon Musician
ELISA MON plays Violín in track 15.
Asturian violin player with an extensive artistic career. She has played with some of the most prestigious camera groups, orchestras and soloists in the USA and in Europe. She completed her music studies at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid, has a Master in "Violin Performance" and an "Artist Certificate" at Madison University, Wisconsin (USA).
At present she combines performing with teaching work. She also participates in several music styles recordings in prestigious radio and television channels such as Wisconsin Public Television, Spanish National Radio and Spanish National Television.
A New Horizon Musician
CRISTOBAL CABALLERO plays Doublebass in track 15.
He was born in Madrid. He started his musical studies at the Guadalajara Provincial Conservatory of Music, under the tutorship of Jaime Robles, who was his Contrabass teacher. He obtained a higher diploma at the Cordoba Higher Conservatory of Music. During this period he was a member of the Andalusian Young Orchestra. He then spent a period researching ancient music with Jordi Saball and for four years he specialised with Margaret Urquhart at the Academy of Ancient Music at Salamanca University. He has received the advice of counterbass masters, including Gary Karr, Thomas Martin, Ducan McTier, Franco Petrachi, Herbert Mayer and Ferrán Sala. He is heavily involved in symphonic music, chamber music and in the field of new music. He regularly plays with the Spanish National Orchestra. He is interested in Education, adding to his knowledge at the Guildhall School of Music. He attended seminars on new musical teaching with Philis Young, and on the Suzuki Method with Cristophe Bossuat and the Alexander Technique. His teaching career started at the Marcos Redondo Conservatory in Ciudad Real. Between 2000 and 2004 he was a teacher for the Regional Government of Extremadura in the Oudrid-Segura instrumentalist course. Since 1998 he has beena counterbass teacher at the Guadalajara Provincial Conservatory of Music and joint directors of the Aldebarán National Music Course.


In January 2012, album was sent to international press and radio stations.

In February 2012 was TOP 2 in International New Age/World/Ambient broadcast charts. www.ZoneMusicReporter.com - More -

In December 2012 was YEAR 2012 TOP 10, after 7 months in charts. - More -

In March 2013 was Nominee to the 12th Independent Music Awards and in August 2013 became VOX POPULI WINNER as 2012 Best New Age Album - More -

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Physical CDs can be purchased from: CDBABY (Internacional). If you can not find it, please send me an email: info@jlsemusic.com


"...A beautiful musical experience that gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for listeners who demand more than cliche ..."
Rotcod Zzaj, music critic, USA More...

"A New Horizon," is a gem, full of magnificent healing energy...".
Barry Sultanoff, licensed psychiatrist and radio 'DJ' at Mana'o Radio Maui. Hawaii.. Doctor Barry article in which "A New Horizon (Special Edition)" is "Top 1" for him.

"...Desde la calma y el silencio en un campo verde y con el viento en la cara revelado en canciones, 'A new horizon (special edition)' es un himno a la esperanza desde su inicio y hasta su final..."
Sergio Alberruche, journalist at "Guadalajara Dosmil" More...

"...Its magical music, it is a winner album!..."
Alejandro Clavijo, music reviewer, ReviewsNewAge.com More...

"...What came as a surprise while listening to the album was how much his electric guitar playing sounded so similar in style to that of Mike Oldfield.....".
John M Peters, Crítico musical, UK More...

"...The CD is a stunning showcase of beautiful compositions and impeccable musicianship.(...)..I honestly thought that Eric Johnson was one of the last true guitar heroes. I have been proven wrong. We need more guitarists like Jose Luis Serrano Esteban."
Raj Manoharan, music critic, New York More...

"...The album takes the listener on a voyage through a broad range of imaginary landscapes..."
John P.Olsen, NewAgeMusicWorld.com More...

"The technical side of A New Horizon is matched by outstanding artistry by both the artist and his guest stars. This is "a new horizon" well worthy of being explored!"
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter, USA

".Like a fine wine, the album seems to increase in richness and complexity as it evolves.."
Michael Diamond, music producer, recording artist, and journalist in Los Angeles. More...

"...Jose Luis combines his skills and training as a versatile musician (guitar, keyboards, drum and rhythm programming) and as an electronics expert (music production, engineering, studio electronics, broadcasting, sound installations, etc.) to create music that is both beautiful and beautifully recorded..."
Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com More...

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